The area of migration and asylum was also highlighted within the framework for the so-called EU-trio’s agenda for January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, and includes the French, Czech, and Swedish presidencies. The goal is to strengthen the Schengen area as an area of free movement without internal borders. This requires effective protection of the external borders, a strengthened evaluation mechanism for Schengen, and improved governance.

The three countries in the presidency trio also intend to continue to work with the migration and asylum pact, with the aim of further developing a fully functioning overall asylum and migration policy. Regarding the international dimension, an agreement based on a balance between responsibility and solidarity is necessary. This involves continuing and strengthening the Union’s cooperation with countries of origin and transit, combating irregular migration and human trafficking, and ensuring effective returns and full implementation of readmission agreements and arrangements, with the possibility to use necessary means of pressure.