The seminar was moderated by Ann-Louise Rönestål Ek, where the main points were the division of responsibilities between different actors, what obstacles that exist for successful implementation and the reasons behind why the difference between goals and outcomes is so great in the return area. The results of the report were highlighted from different perspectives, and the Swedish Police Authority, the Swedish Migration Agency and Amesty's point of views were expressed to gain a broader understanding of the return area in Sweden. During the Q/A, members of the Swedish Parliament, Maria Malmer Stenergaard (M) and Rasmus Ling (Mp), as well as the Red Cross' senior migration adviser Alexandra Segenstedt, raised questions regarding the return issue. 

*The seminar was held in Swedish.


Henrik Malm Lindberg, Report author and Research Coordinator, Delmi.

Lars Westbratt, State secretary, The Swedish Ministry of Justice.

Per Löwenberg, Unit manager, The Swedish Border Police.

Madelaine Seidlitz, Senior legal adviser, Amnesty.

Sverker Spaak, Branch head for development analysis, The Swedish Migration Agency.

Moderator: Ann-Louise Rönestål Ek, Journalist.