The purpose of this collaboration has been to enable sustainable return and reintegration through the exchange of experiences among professionals working with return issues internationally, and by doing study visits to member countries.

"The main takeaway, or rather one of them, was the differences between the three countries that we got in touch with: England, Denmark and Sweden. Despite the fact that the challenges are mutual, the actual solutions differ a lot depending on both internal and external circumstances."

Feedback from Delmi's participants regarding the study visits that have been made within the project.

On June 8 and June 10, Constanza Vera-Larrucea and Henrik Malm Lindberg participated in the final conference of the project The Reintegration of Returnees in their Countries of Origin: Maximizing Sustainability. During the first webinar, the participants shared their main lessons and reflections from the study visits to various government agencies and organizations working with return and reintegration. During the second webinar, the participants discussed the definition of ‚Äúsustainable reintegration‚ÄĚ as well as the challenges involved in monitoring and evaluating reintegration programmes.

Delmi will continue its efforts to increase the capacity for a sustainable return and reintegration of third-country nationals through the AMIF-funded project, Return and reintegration, which focuses on the returnees own personal experiences. The final report is expected to be launched during the spring of 2021.

Picture by Reetdashfan from Pixabay.