It is the seventh part of the series, Sweden's future migration policy – regarding the Migration Committee, that can be viewed on Fores' Youtube channel. The purpose of the webinar was to assist the Migration committee with research results as a basis for future migration policy decisions.

The moderator, Therese Lindström, begun the conversation by expressing how return is a priority issue within the government and important for a sustainable migration system. Henrik Malm Lindberg then discussed the three identified goals of return policy; efficiency, humanity and legal certainty. He pointed out that there are goals that are established within migration policy that do not have to do with return, but which nevertheless influence return policy and create conflicting objectives. "Policy must continue to be consistent and able to prioritize return issues" is his message to the Migration committee. *The webinar was held in Swedish. 


Patrik Engström, Chief of the border police section at the National Operations Department, The Swedish Police.

Henrik Malm Lindberg, Research Coordinator and Project Manager for Those who cannot stay: Implementing return policy in Sweden (2020:1), Delmi.

Kristina Rännar, Process leader within return migration, The Swedish Migration Agency.

Tommi Teljosou, Audit director at the Swedish NAO and Project Manager for the authorities review of return Återvändandeverksamheten – resultat, kostnader och effektivitet (RiR 2020:7).

Moderator: Therese Lindström, Responsible for Fores program Migration and integration.