Delmi has initiated a reference group to follow the project, contribute with practical knowledge and play an active role in the framing of the project. The reference group will meet three times during 2020. It includes people representing the authorities and organizations nationally and internationally that work directly or indirectly with the target group of third-country nationals in relation to the return process. The goal is to build bridges and establish networks between the professionals involved in the national and international return work.

The first meeting was held on February 14, providing a forum to the participants with the opportunity to give suggestions to focus areas that they believe the project should have in mind to better respond to the project's purpose and goals. It is a valuable forum for exchange of knowledge and experience between the project group and the reference group, but also between the participants of the reference group, all of whom have a part in the return chain. Many interesting points were raised, and a common theme for the reference group participants was the importance of spreading correct information about the return process and to gain a greater understanding of what the returnees believe works and what can be improved.

The second reference group meeting was held in June 2020 when the first interviews with third-country nationals had been conducted, to further clarify the direction and contribution of the project.

Picture by Pixabay.