The goal of the project is to increase competence and collaboration in the return area by focusing on: 1) competence of those who meet children who have not been granted a residence permit
and 2) coordination between relevant professionals and different processes.

Delmi's project group within Return and reintegration participated in the final conference on unaccompanied children in the asylum and return process, which was held on September 24 at the Elite Palace Hotel in Stockholm. Just as in the project “Barnets bästa vid återvändande”, Delmi examines support from and collaboration between the professionals who meet unaccompanied children and youth, among others, in the return and reintegration process. Strömsund's work was also highlighted in the Delmi report 2020: 1. The report is based on a qualitative study in which Elisabeth Lindholm, project manager for “Barnets bästa vid återvändande”, participated.

“We were informed about the Strömsund model as an example of a successful case where something innovative had been done at municipality level. This contrasted with several statements from various respondents in the survey who considered that there were major problems with collaboration between different professionals and great difficulties in involving municipal administrations in the return work.”

From an interview with Henrik Malm Lindberg written by the municipality of Strömsund, in connection to the launch of the Delmi-report 2020:1 in February. *The article and the information about the project is written in Swedish.

Henrik Malm Lindberg, project manager and scientific leader for Delmi's return studies, also held a presentation during the final conference about the report Those who are not allowed to stay: Implementing return policy in Sweden. He pointed out that return studies are important but difficult and politically sensitive issues and that this is precisely why it should be researched - because there is a lack of knowledge in the field.

In December, the report on the entire work with the project “Barnets bästa vid återvändande” will be released. Delmi's report is expected to be published during the first half of 2021.

Picture by Strömsunds kommun.