During December, Henrik Malm Lindberg, Research Coordinator at Delmi and report author, participated in three different activities in order to present the Delmi-report 2020:1.

Facts about immigration: who comes, from where and why?

Onsdagsklubbens talk on immigration

On December 1st, Henrik Malm Lindberg participated in one of the “Onsdagsklubbens” three Zoom talks on immigration, segregation and integration. Mikael Ribbenvik, Director General of the Swedish Migration Agency, also participated in the event where he focused on regulations. Together, they helped to answer the questions about which type of migrants who come to Sweden, their country of origin and the reason behind why they flee. The purpose of “Onsdagsklubben” is to discuss key themes and it is an opportunity for retired elected representatives in politics and trade unions to gain a better understanding of how multifaceted the discussion about immigration to Sweden is.

Migration and Establishment, what happens in 2021?

County Kronoberg's digital activity day around migration and establishment

On December 9, Henrik Malm Lindberg participated in a digital conference organized by the Region of Kronoberg. Today's challenges in integration and the establishment of new arrivals were analysed from different perspectives. Lars Westbratt, State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, began the conference by talking about new migration legislation in Sweden and the EU. The Swedish Migration Agency then presented its external analysis and the UNHCR gave a direct report from Lebanon's refugee office, followed by a discussion on migration flows in the Middle East by Erik Ullenhag, Ambassador in Jordan. The ongoing pandemic has affected the entire society and, among other things, resulted to a tougher labour market, which the Ministry of Labor and the Public Employment Service shared more about. During the day, opportunities and different paths forward for migration and establishment in 2021 were also highlighted. 

Return migration

Digital half day organized by the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland

On December 9, Henrik Malm Lindberg also participated in a digital half-day organized by the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland. The purpose of the half-day on return was to strengthen the knowledge of people meeting asylum seekers. Delmi's return study shows that less than half of those who have received a rejection decision return voluntarily to the country of origin, even though the issue of return has been high on the politicians' agenda for many years. The implementation work with voluntary return at the Swedish Migration Agency and the Police's work to enforce the Swedish Migration Agency's decision were highlighted by representatives from both authorities. Josefine Zeolla from the Swedish Red Cross, who is also a reference group member in Delmi's AMIF-funded return project, spoke about their role in supporting returnees in the return process.