When the virus spread to Sweden, the goal was to protect the elderly and prevent healthcare from collapsing, while other important societal functions could continue. These goals would be met with a strategy where the spread of infection was kept down by citizens being advised to stay home if they had symptoms, maintain good hand hygiene and refrain from social contacts, as well as sampling that was long limited to employees and patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

According to Delmi's study, the different conditions of individuals contributed to an unequal spread of infection where mortality increased significantly among certain groups of foreign-born persons compared with persons born in Sweden or in other western countries. Among the reasons for this are the different living conditions in Sweden. How do societal and structural factors affect the risk of getting sick in Covid-19?

The policy brief authors are Erik HanssonLina Al-NaharMaria AlbinEskil JakobssonMaria Magnusson och Kristina Jakobsson.

Policy Brief 2021:2 is only available in Swedish. Please contact Delmi if you are interested in finding out more.