The project group had invited Swedish and international researchers and commentators to contribute with their expertise in the field of return and add new perspectives in the various parts of the study. The seminar aimed to provide constructive criticism, and will thus ensure the scientific quality and that the coming report will be factually correct and policy relevant.

Two of the authors of the report, Constanza Vera-Larrucea and Henrik Malm Lindberg , gave a presentation on what has been done, what method and theory has been used and what preliminary results the research team has found. Delmi received positive feedback in the sense that the study provides research on a part of the asylum process, where there is a lack of knowledge from a Swedish perspective. It builds on the literature on this field from the past decade, focusing on the subjective experiences of migrants. What does it mean to return “home”?

The suggestions highlighted at the seminar will be included by the authors in the final report, which will be published on the website later this spring.

Picture by Startup Stock Photos from Pixabay.