The Center for Global Migration (CGM) aims to promote and support research, education, and utilization of knowledge in global migration and integration. By organizing seminars and conferences, researchers and actors in the private and public sectors get the opportunity to meet. During a webinar, Henrik Malm Lindberg and Constanza Vera-Larrucea presented Delmi’s two studies in the field of return to increase the knowledge about Swedish return policy and what it means for people who have had their asylum applications rejected.

The first study focuses on decision makers and street-level-bureaucrats from agencies and organisations. The research shows that 44 % returned voluntarily, 30% absconded and 15% returned with force. The second study focuses on the returnees to understand their perspective of the migration journey. The aim of the authorities is to prepare for a safe and orderly return to country of origin with sufficient support. But how does the returnees perceive the process and how does it affect their reintegration? What constitutes a sustainable return?

Those who were sent back: Return and Reintegration of Rejected Asylum Seekers will be published on Delmi's website on June 15 in connection with the launch webinar. More information coming soon. In the meantime, you can read the first report!

Picture by Geralt from Pixabay.