The Delmi podcast is a podcast on migration research published by the Migration Studies Delegation, an independent committee that initiates studies and provides research results in the field of migration as a basis for future migration policy decisions and in order to contribute to the public debate on migration. Delmi has released six episodes in Swedish during the spring. The last episode, about how the conditions can be improved for a more legally certain, efficient, and humane return and reintegration, is in English.

100 people – 60 from Afghanistan and 40 from Iraq – have shared everything from the factors that led to the decision to migrate, what the Swedish reception looked like and what happened after the asylum application was rejected. This research project has examined how the return process can become more sustainable and how reintegration works in a politically and economically uncertain context. What are the experiences of people who have returned voluntarily and involuntarily from Sweden?

Episodes 5 and 6 of the Delmi podcast discuss, among other things, what the regulations look like, women's influence in the decision to return and what it means to return "home". The author of the report, Henrik Malm Lindberg, presents the research results and policy recommendations in Swedish and is joined in the studio by Kjell-Terje Torvik, who talks about his experiences of meeting Afghan returnees in Kabul.

The last episode of this season of the Delmi podcast is also the first to be held in English. In this episode, the study's second report author, Constanza Vera-Larrucea, talks more about the data collection along with Nassim Majidi, who was responsible for conducting the interviews. Together, they focus on how return support can be improved, and lessons learned from the return and reintegration work in the Middle East.

Picture by AMIF.