The purpose of the project has been, among other things, to contribute to creating bridges and establishing networks between the professionals active in the national and international return work. Delmi's AMIF-funded project on how to improve the migration process for third-country nationals who have had their asylum applications rejected was discussed at an internal conference. Through workshops in various thematic areas, presented by Delmi's chairman Joakim Palme, the participants immersed themselves in the parts related to the return chain. Representatives from the government, the EU and the UN met digitally to conduct a dialogue on the challenges of the support structures, returnees' access to information and how to proceed with the return work.

Will this research help reconsider my case? Or is it useless because I already came back to Iraq and the whole thing is over?

Female, 37 years old, Iraq #6. Quote from the report.

Two of the report's authors, Henrik Malm Lindberg and Constanza Vera-Larrucea, presented lessons learned from the project, its results and policy recommendations. This workshop is not the end of Delmi's work, but rather one of many events where we will try to share and spread knowledge.