In Delmi's newsletter we inform about new publications, our latest activities and other relevant information. Here are some examples of content from our latest newsletter:

  • An interview with Mattias Wahlstedt, Delmi's head of secretariat, regarding the misunderstandings that have circulated in the media about Delmi's role, way of working and perhaps above all the meaning of us publishing something.
  • The launch of Delmi's AMIF-funded project on return to Afghanistan and Iraq based on 100 interviews with people who have sought asylum in Sweden. Project manager Henrik Malm Lindberg talks more about the differences and similarities between the Afghan, Arab and Kurdish informants.
  • Until June this year, Delmi has published more reports than during the whole of 2020. Read more about this spring's publications and webinars which deal with, among other things, the interpreting function in the asylum process, young people's conditions for growing up in Sweden and the link between immigration and support for the welfare state.
  • Delmi announces project funding for future projects on topics such as the regulations on asylum seekers in EU countries and labour migration during crises.

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Picture by Geralt from Pixabay.