The World Health Organization (WHO) is a UN organization with the mission to promote good health. This is done, among other things, through WHO centers where departments at universities conduct research in support of the organization's programs. Joakim Palme, chairman of Delmi and professor of political science, will participate in the inauguration and highlight Delmi's research. The day ends with a panel discussion on migration and health in Sweden together with the Public Health Agency of Sweden, National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Migration Agency.

Delmi has published several studies in this field, such as Sports and health among girls: Perceptions and experiences of girls in sports among parents from Somalia, Eritrea, Syria and Sweden (2021:1) and Migrants’ encounters with Swedish health care (2020:7). Read more on our publication page where you can also filter between different topics.

Picture by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels.