28 September 2022

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Delmis newsletter, September 2022

Did you know that refugees vote to a greater extent than labour migrants in local elections in Sweden? Have you ever wondered how asylum legislation in Sweden compare to other European countries? We regularly send out newsletters to thousands of subscribers – read them you too!

In Delmi's newsletter we inform about new publications, our latest activities and other relevant information. Here are some examples of content from our latest newsletter:

  • An interview with Sara Thalberg, author of our latest report on immigration and integration. 
  • Delmis participation at Metropolis Conference. 
  • Interviews with Matz Dahlberg, Delmis' new committee member, and Lisen Löwstedt, Delmis' new intern. 
  • Information about our latest publications and seminars.

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Picture by Geralt from Pixabay.

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