Easier to find what you are looking for

www.delmi.se is structured in a way that makes it easier to find exactly the study that you are interested in reading. On the starting page you can see Delmi's latest publications and on the publication page you can filter by type of study, subject area, and year. 

Greater overview of Delmi's activities

On the starting page, you can see the latest news and sign up for upcoming webinars. All recordings from Delmi's external activities, from its start in 2014 until today, are collected on the seminar page. In the right-hand column of each seminar page, the specific study is also linked.

New design

The colours of the website have been updated to be as accessible as possible and the functions have been developed to work equally well in all browsers and devices such as computer, tablet, and mobile phone. The website complies with the accessibility requirements. Under "About Delmi" you can find our Accessibility Statement. 


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.