Nearly 1,2 persons were granted residency in Sweden between 2011-2020 (Swedish Migration Agency 2021). Of these, more than 30 percent had either grounds of asylum or a family member of someone with grounds for asylum. Almost as many were granted residency for work. While we know much of how many enter the EU or Sweden to apply for residency, we know less of how many are contemplating leaving their home countries to migrate here as well as their motivations. Using data from the Gallup World Poll, this report seeks to gain knowledge of the persons that express a desire or are planning to move to Sweden.

The report is written by Mikael Elinder, associate professor at the Department of Economics, Uppsala University, Oscar Erixson, Ph.D. Economics, Uppsala University and Olle Hammar, Ph.D. Economics, Uppsala University.

Photo by Timon Studler från Unsplash