Since the global migration and refugee crisis in 2015 it has been increasingly clear that the challenges associated with growing cross-border mobility cannot be solved at regional or national level only. There is a great need for a better understanding of the global context and migration policy strategies in different regions. With this Research Overview, Delmi aims to examine migration policy developments in Africa.

Migration - within and from Africa (2016:5) is written by Professor Aderanti Adepoju, one of Africa's leading migration researchers. The panel addressed how the EU can assist African countries to find long-term solutions for cross-border mobility. For instance, how can the EU support regional migration governance structures in Africa? How can Africa-EU migration be better managed for enhanced mutual benefits?


Aderanti Adepoju, Professor, Chief Executive, HRDC, Lagos.

Anders Ahnlid, Ambassador, Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU.

Elizabeth Collett, Director, Migration Policy Institute (MPI Europe).

Ralph Genetzke, Head of Brussels Mission, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).

Hans-Peter Schadek, Head of the West Africa Division of the EEAS.

Agata Wozniak, International Relations officer, DG Home, European Commission.

Moderator: Kristof Tamas, Director at The Migration Studies Delegation (Delmi).