The 2030 Agenda highlights the importance of facilitating safe, orderly, regulated and responsible migration, as well as the importance of humane treatment of all migrants, refugees and displaced people, with full respect of human rights. The Swedish development cooperation will contribute to increasing the positive development effects of migration and reducing the negative effects in countries of origin. To do this, we need to understand the impact of migration on the achievement of all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and the impact this will have on future migration patterns.

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) has analysed the interrelationship between migration and eight key development areas and how they affect the achievement of the SDGs. A synthesis which collates, and draws out key findings from a series of eight policy briefings, have been put together by the ODI. Each briefing offers recommendations to incorporate migration into the 2030 Agenda to ensure it contributes to positive development outcomes.


Ulla Andrén, Senior Policy Specialist within migration and development, SIDA.

Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Research Fellow leading ODI’s migration research.

Johan Hassel, Swedish Delegation for the 2030 Agenda.

Elisabeth Dahlin, Secretary General Save the Children, representing CONCORD Sweden’s working group on migration.

Kristof Tamas, Director, The Migration Studies Delegation (Delmi).

Moderator: Annika Palo, SIDA.