Reducing the vulnerability of irregular migrants and fighting human smuggling and human trafficking are two of the 23 targets that the United Nations member states have agreed to counteract in the recently launched Global Compact. These two targets are some of the aspects that the study illustrates through the eyes of Eritrean migrants.

What motivates Eritreans to leave their country and embark themselves in a long and dangerous trip to the other side of the world? The study describes and analyzes the experience of irregular migration from Eritrea, providing an in-depth insight into the support structures that surround irregular migrants and enable them to escape from the Horn of Africa.

The report is written by Dr. Tekalign Ayalew Mengiste and Professor Erik Olsson, from the Social Anthropology Department at Stockholm University.


Tekalign Ayalew Mengiste, PhD, Social Anthropology Department at Stockholm University, presents From the Horn of Africa to Sweden (2019:2).

Liisa Laakso, Professor and Senior Researcher at The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala University.

George Joseph, Director of Migration, Asylum and Human Trafficking, Caritas.

Gustav Lindskog, Programme Manager, Unit for Humanitarian Assistance, SIDA.

Hugo W. Rickberg, Unit for international development cooperation, Swedish Migration Agency.

Moderator: Axel Kronholm, Journalist and Editor at Omvärlden.