This study provides a first comprehensive review of the linkage between trade policies, migration policies, and the EU’s external relations. The Delmi report Trade Agreements as a Venue for Migration Governance? Potential and Challenges for the European Union analyzes the use of trade policy instruments and their development since the 1960s with a particular focus on migration clauses in the EU's trade agreements with Jordan and Lebanon. Both countries are key regional host states that have together received two million refugees in the context of widespread displacement from Syria.

Today, trade policy instruments address aspects related to migrants’ rights, the facilitation of economic mobility, the fight against irregular migration (including readmission), as well as the hosting and protection of refugee populations. However, the research results show that in order to achieve the full potential of the agreements, it should only be used as a complement - not a substitute - to a dedicated migration policy. 


Henrik Malm Lindberg, Acting Head of Secretariat at Delmi.

Sandra Lavenex, Professor in European and International Politics at the University of Geneva and report author.

Tamirace Fakhoury, Professor in Political Science and Global Refugee and Migration Studies at Aalborg University and report author.

Christian Danielsson, Head of the European Commission's Representation in Sweden.

Maria Madrid, International Relations Officer, European Commission.

Hannes Lenk, Senior Researcher at SIEPS.

Göran von Sydow, Director of SIEPS.

Moderator: Anna Lindblad, special advisor at the Migration Agency's office of the Director General and delegation member at Delmi.