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Migration by numbers

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  • Themes and current projects

    • Migration & development
      • International students in Sweden
      • Migration from Africa
      • Thai berry pickers
      • Somali-Swedish diaspora
    • Labor market
      • The labor market effects of immigration
      • Neighborhood effects on immigrant's employment
      • Immigration and economic development
      • Immigration and entrepreneurship
      • Unaccompanied minors in Sweden
    • Diversity & Welfare
      • Panel investigation of attitudes to immigration
      • Values and perceptions of reality
      • Asylum seekers views on Sweden
      • The history of Swedish welfare and immigration
    • Democracy
      • Migration, political parties and media in the Nordics
      • Political consequences of anti-immigration parties
      • Voter participation and political representation
      • Hate Crimes
    • Institutions and laws
      • Irregular migration and Europe's border controls
      • The Swedish approach to refugee reception
      • Syrian Refugees in the Middle East
      • Responsibility-Sharing on Refugees
      • Family migration
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