Research conducted under the auspices of Delmi includes, but is not limited to, knowledge collection, data processing, analysis and evaluation. Completed studies are published in Delmi's Publication Series in the form of research overviews, in-depth reports, anthologies and policy briefs.

Proposals for studies can come from members of the committee and the secretariat, but also from external sources, such as researchers, experts, officials or other actors and stakeholders in the field of migration and integration. Reports and research overviews shall primarily be carried out by academic researchers.

Guidelines for applications

Decisions on new studies are made on the basis of an application in Swedish or English (maximum 3000 words) which should contain a brief project description, including potential research questions and relevance as well as an outline of expected conclusions and policy recommendations. The application should also include a preliminary calculation of costs and a time-plan.

Conducting a Delmi study

Authors are independently responsible for the study's content, conclusions and policy recommendations. Delmi employs a principle of dual independence, both in relation to the government and the researchers it commissions to carry out studies.

To ensure that the studies maintain a hight scientific quality and are policy-relevant, draft reports will be reviewed by Delmi as well as two external reviewers. When the work on the report has reached its final stage, the committee members decide whether the final script is of such quality that it can be published in Delmi's Publication Series.

Contact us

If you have questions, an idea for a study or want to send in a an application, you can contact us at It is also possible to contact members of the secretariat directly, by phone or via e-mail. Contact information to the Delmi secretariat can be found via the menu to the right.