Tidö Agreement

A picture of the swedish parlament

Photografer: Oscar Nord via Unsplash

The Tidö Agreement, migration and integration

Delmi continuously monitors migration policy developments in Sweden. It is therefore an important task for Delmi to gather knowledge about the migration issues addressed in the Tidö Agreement. On this page, you can, among other things, take part in an overview of the government investigations that have been initiated during the mandate period and which directly concern migration and integration, and read relevant Delmi publications in some of the knowledge areas mentioned in the Tidö Agreement. The page is continuously updated.

Summary of government investigations based on the Tidö Agreement

Since taking office after the 2022 election, the government has actively been working with questions pertaining to migration and integration, as stipulated by the proposals outlined in the Tidö agreement. Below you will find an overview of government investigations that have been initiated, relating to these issue areas, during the term of office thus far. In many cases, the issue area of migration overlaps with other political issue areas, which can make it difficult to draw a line. In this overview, solely government investigations that directly concern migration and integration have therefore been included. The list is updated continuously.

To view all government investigations, visit: SOU