The aim of this research overview was to contribute to increased preparedness for societal actors, at both the national and municipal levels in Sweden, involved in the return process for children in families. The research overview has followed the principles of a systematic review method and is based on 29 published studies in the field, primarily qualitative. The overview has identified a significant knowledge gap as the research in this area appears insufficient in many respects, and few studies are based on data collected in Sweden as the receiving country.

Key Findings and recommendations:

  • Clarify and enhance the roles and responsibilities of various government agencies.
  • Develop qualitative guidelines, as well as methods and work support for government personnel.
  • Provide more support and time for preparation for children and families.
  • Promote knowledge and skills in children that are crucial for potential repatriation.
  • Strengthen collaboration with international organizations working on-site.

About the Author:
Dr. Pinar Aslan Akay is a researcher in social work and an investigative secretary at Delmi.

Publication date: 22 of January 2024

Illustration: Ida Brogren