The purpose of the Research Overview is to compile and analyse international and national research on return and reintegration for children in families. More specifically, the Research Overview must answer two overarching questions; 1) how is children's health and development affected in relation to the return of the family? and 2) what opportunities and barriers has previous research identified for a successful return and reintegration process for children in families?

The working process surrounding the Research Overview equates to a fantastic opportunity for collaboration with other actors who, just like Delmi, conduct knowledge-raising projects about return and reintegration in Sweden. It also increases our opportunity to, together with Strömsund municipality, contribute to more well-founded decisions, knowledge and guidance on how children in families who return to their home country can be supported, both before and after the return.

Work is currently underway to collect research in the area, which will then be analysed and compiled in report form. Please keep an eye on our website during the year, for continuous updates.

Annie Spratt, Unsplash