Natural disasters, the majority of which caused by extreme weather conditions, may have resulted in the internal displacement of nearly 350 million people between 2008 and 2021. Following current projections, the numbers of climate migrants are expected to soar in the coming decades as the effects of climate change intensify.

Given the empirical challenges of studying climate migration, how can we accurately measure the phenomena? How should EU member states respond to the challenges posed by climate-induced migration? Finally, evidence suggests that the overwhelming majority of climate migrants today choose to return to their places of origin once the conditions permit, but can governments continue to design policies based on this trend as the effects of climate change escalate?

Delmis' latest Research Overview "Climate Change, Displacement, Mobility and Migration: the State of Evidence, Future Scenarios, Policy Options" will be presented at the think thank Bruegel in Brussels. 


Rainer Münz, expert in demography and international migration and current visiting professor at the Central European University and the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, Austria.

Joakim Palme, professor of political science at Uppsala University and chair of Delmi

Maria Demertzis, Deputy Director at Bruegel

Jane Linekar, 4Mi Global Coordinator, Mixed Migration Centre

Martin Taschner, Head of the Migration Management Preparedness unit, European Commission, DG HOME