International migration and successful host country integration continues to challenge and pose opportunities for researchers, policymakers, public agencies, trade unions, civil society, employers, and immigrants themselves in different ways. The critical event of the pandemic had significant global impact and this new internationally published book brings together leading scholars with diverse socioeconomic perspectives. The book serves as a background to discuss the research and its implications with multi-stakeholders working in the space.


  • Welcome by President, Professor Lars Strannegård, Stockholm School of Economics and Professor Joakim Palme, Professor of political science at Uppsala University and Chair of Delmi.
  • Co-editors: Associate Professor Lin Lerpold, Professor Örjan Sjöberg, and Professor Karl Wennberg, Stockholm School of Economics.
  • Academic keynote: Professor Douglas Massey, Princeton University.
  • Policy keynote: Anders Hall, State Secretary to the Swedish Migration Minister.

Other confirmed speakers:

  • Professor Ali Ahmed, Linköping University
  • Dr. Nahikari Irastorza, Malmö University
  • Dr. Max Jerneck, SIR CSR at Stockholm School of Economics
  • Docent Henrik Malm Lindberg, Acting Head of Secretariat at Delmi
  • Professor Jon Rogstad, Oslo Metropolitan University
  • Associate Professor Sayaka Osanami Törngren, Malmö University
  • Dr. Karin Hjorthen Zelano, University of Oslo

More speakers will be announced shortly. 

This event is co-hosted by Delmi and Stockholm School of Economics, SIR Center for Sustainability Research


The book and event gratefully acknowledge funding from Formas, project number 2018-02226.


Photo: Martin Sanchez, Unsplash