How have experiences of the asylum process affected economic, social and psychosocial reintegration after return? In a unique AMIF-funded study, Delmi has examined returnees' own experiences of voluntary and involuntary return as well as push / pull factors that influence the various decisions within the migration journey. Constanza Vera-Larrucea, Research Coordinator at Delmi and one of the authors of the report Those who were sent back: Return and reintegration of rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan and Iraq, presents research results based on 100 interviews with returnees from Afghanistan and Iraq. Nassim Majidi, researcher and founder of Samuel Hall, has conducted fieldwork on behalf of Delmi and shares what she has learned over the years as she has met returnees in conflict areas. *The podcast is in English.

Host: Ann-Louise Rönestål Ek.

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Photo from Delmi.