Over the past years, the number of complaints regarding ethnically based discrimination in employment processes in Sweden has increased. However, there are still many unreported cases as both job seekers, employers, and recruiters may be unaware that certain procedures could be regarded as discriminating. It may also be the case that employers find it difficult to understand which measures to take to counter discrimination, or which ones are proven to be most effective.

This research overview aims to systematically gather and present research regarding the mechanisms behind ethnic discrimination in employment processes. The aim is also to map and analyse existing research on suitable and effective measures to counter and prevent ethnic discrimination in employment processes in Sweden.

By highlighting research results in a systematic way, we can increase knowledge on how to counter and prevent discrimination as well as how measures should be designed to minimise the risk of discrimination in recruitment contexts.

The authors of this research overview are Pinar Aslan Akay, PhD in social work, and Maria Cheung, PhD in economics.

Photo Unsplash, resumegenius